March 29, 2016


  • Trajectory and Heading Tracking of a Mecanum Wheeled Robot Using Fuzzy Logic Control

Mecanum Wheel GUI

  • Processing IDE with CAD object file for Simulation Walking Tuner of Teen Size Biped Robot

GUI walking tuner huroevolution

  • Simulation Motion of Teen Size Biped Robot using SimMechanics

teensize huroevolution

simmechanics teensize huroevolution

  • Simple Inverted Pendulum Simulation using SimMechanics with SolidWorks CAD

inverted pendulum model

  • Gadjah Mada Fighting Copter (GMFC)







  • Alfatih Hexa-Legged Robot, Gadjah Mada Robotic Team (GMRT)


Alfatih 2015

Alfatih 2015 real Alfatih 2015

Alfatih 2016

Alfatih Gambar Belakang Isometris Alfatih Gambar Isometris 

  • Miduino Robot

Line Follower Robot

MiDuino Specification Cover miduino_1

miduino robot tampak depan

Balancing Robot

miduino Balancing tampak depan

miduino Balancing tampak samping

Miduino Robot Collections

miduino robot collections

  • Gadjah Mada Robotic Surveillance

Gadjah Mada Surveillance Robot

Robotics CAD Design

  • Humanoid Robot
    • Kid Size Human Robot

KidSize Fahmizal Robot

Kid Size Robot Fahmizal 5

    • Teen Size Human Robot

TennSize Biped Robot Fahmizal

  • Multi Leg Robot


Quadpod Fahmizal HD


Hexapod Fahmizal HD


Octopod Fahmizal HD



  • Mobile Leg Robot

ZebroMobile Robot Fahmizal

  • Copter Aerial Robot

Copter Fahmizal Copter fahmizal aerial copter

Kumpulan Robot Fahmizal

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